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Cool Aerial Photography

Camera + Model Plane =

Not the most exciting aerial photography but kudos on the creativity. Very cool execution. Check out the details here: Worlds's cheapest aerial video platform

Vernon Takes Gold!

Eric with gold medalMore minor hockey news from Mission: the Vernon Coyotes took gold!

There was a game at 7:45am this morning I took a pass on. I love my nephew, but there are limits. They won the game, which put them in the final playoff for gold against Burnaby. Said final game was at a much more civilized 3:30pm. The game was all the more anticipated because they had lost to Burnaby in their first game of the series.

It was a great game. Scoring was very close for the first half of the game. There was a definite tension in the crowd as Burnaby drew first blood and Vernon started attracting penalties. Then in the latter half of the game Burnaby's goalie got rattled and let a couple in. He was subsequently replaced, but not only couldn't Burnaby recover, Vernon scored a couple more goals. The final score was 7-to-2.

The Vernon fans were amazing. Despite Burnaby being only an hour away, there were very few Burnaby fans there. By contrast, the Vernon bleachers were filled with an extremely lively bunch. And they made one hell of a lot of noise. I've been to a few Canucks games and I have to say the crowds at these amateur games are a lot more fun (even without my brother-in-law's so on-the-mark social commentary, that's just icing on the cake).

I meant to ask Eric if playing as a pickup member of the team made the victory any the less sweet but forgot. Judging by the smile, it felt pretty good none-the-less.

And if you're not tired of the photos yet, a few more for your consideration.

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Hockey Tournament Visitors

Thank God for visitors, it's the only time I get motivated beyond the basic cleaning regime! That's not the only reason. I pretty much only get visitors I like.

My nephew, pictured right, and brother-in-law are down for a hockey tournament in Mission. They came down a day early and spent the night at my place, did some business Friday, then headed for the tournament Friday night. After this blog entry, I'm surprised my sister isn't here as well, though based on last paragraph here, one wonders what the "boys" will be going home to.

Eric brought his X-Box and we got to spend some quality gaming time playing a head-to-head racing game. Goes without saying he mostly whipped my ass, but I managed to beat him in a few races with my trusty Aston Martin Vanquish. Now everyone is gone and I'm left with much tidier apartment ... Eric remembered to take his X-Box ... again. I keep hoping he'll forget it, but so far no joy.

I popped out to Mission today and watched the Vernon (Eric's team) vs. Ridge Meadows game. Vernon cleaned up with a 7-to-1 win. They were down two men when the single goal was scored against them. That makes them one and one so far. I played around with the video feature of my camera and actually caught one of the goals. Watch the white player just to the left of the net, I think player is number 10. Eric also appears in the clip. He's number 5 and shows up in the lower right corner.

A Vernon Goal

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March Graphic Design Meetup

Finally made it out to my first Graphic Design Meetup of 2007. As usual, a very fun and interesting evening at the Waazubee Café on Commercial. The organizer, Steven Luscher, usually has a "twist" for the evening. Which is to say some sort of organized activity. Tonight's was graphic design charades. I still can't believe someone got CMYK.

March Graphic Design Meetup

More photos at the Meetup Site. Oh, Hi, Jimmy!

Early Daylight Savings, Me Like

This is view off my balcony on an overcast day in the middle of March at 7pm - Yah, baby! Let there be light!

Balcony Pic

I'm really liking early daylight savings time. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to keep the hour shifted to the end of the day all year round.

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Party

Calling all Battlestar Galactica fans!

The season finale is soon upon us. The 13th Colony, Vancouver's Battlestar Galactica Fan Club, is having a dinner viewing of the season finale.

From the website:

BSG PatchOur location is 80s Restaurant in North Vancouver. They have a separate area of the restaurant (turn right at the top of the stairs) with a large projection screen. Our deal is that everyone who shows up will order off the menu. They are a family restaurant, with menu selections from burgers to prime rib, for between $7 and $15. They also serve beer and wine.

In order to have our dinner & dessert finished by the time the show starts at 7pm, I would suggest arriving between 5:30pm and 6pm.

Full information here:

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, make your own BSG video: Sadly, the contest isn't open to Canadians. It's fun playing with the clips, though!

DIY Monster Attack!

Every Friday a group named BIFF gets together at a North Vancouver restaurant to enjoy each other's company and some aspect of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, or anime, or to simply talk. You'll find me there most Friday nights. This week the monster god father, Stan Hyde, talked about modeling, monsters and the Monster Attack Team - Canada.

Stan is a big monster movie fan (and a Godzilla expert). This interest in the movies extends to building models, and they're amazing in their detail. Stan gave us an overview of modeling and the Monster Attack Team. In addition to his modeling skills, he's a great story teller. A great evening all round.

Here's some photo's. If you find them interesting, Stan has a lot more here:


Stan Hyde presenting at BIFF

Thar Be Monsters!

Monster Table 1
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

He Blogged, She Blogged

Laurie tells her side of our Northern Voice Story in a recent blog post. She has a better gift of narrative than I do:

The small world of blogging... at Northern Voice (this is for Sylvia)

Virus Road Kill

Did anyone get the license number of the 18 wheeler that virus was driving when it hit me?

They talk about 20 year storms, I'm crawling out of the aftermath of a 20 year virus. The first couple of weeks were pretty standard. A snot monster took up residence in my head and invited his buddy, hacking cough. Manageable, though annoying. This last week I've been really, really tired and had a headache behind my eyes that refused to go away. I've slept a lot, and haven't been able to do much when I've been awake.

Today is the first day I've felt almost human. What a treat, I've been up for a whole 2 hours, can think because there's almost no headache, and don't need a nap. Here's hoping this is a trend.

Rocket Man!

Seen at Defense Tech, this is just too cool:

I'm not sure what powers the motors but I imagine the airplane pilot is relieved when it exits his cabin!

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