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My Northern Voice Story

I convinced my friend Marina she should come to Northern Voice, and she did. Walking from the UBC bus loop to the conference location she struck up a conversation with Laurie, who was attending the conference from out-of-town. Because of Marina meeting Laurie we all went to lunch together where Laurie mentioned she was from Whitehorse. I asked if she knew a friend of mine in Whitehorse. Laurie smiled a smile. My friend was also her friend and colleague, and had told her about the travel bursary that had gotten her to Northern Voice. I was the one who had forwarded our mutual friend the bursary information.

We're all connected!

Northern Voice Connections
Laurie, Dale and Marina at Northern Voice

I, Sickie

Yes, I'm still alive. Sort of.

Last week was busy with North Voice and fighting one of the cold/flu bugs going around. There's certainly a smorgasbord to choose from, though I suppose it's more like a virus lottery. Northern Voice was awesome but it did the opposite of helping my recovery. It was worth it, but I've been a sickie Sunday and today. Things are on the mend, though. The snot monster is definitely in retreat.

Preparing Ingredients.........?

I just love these pictures of my niece! She's usually quite reserved when I'm around but occasionally I get to see her cutting loose and having fun. She's apparently found a "Tim, the tool man, Taylor" replacement for the mortar and pestle. Awesome!

Crushing Candies 1 Crushing Candies 2

For the full story see: Baking and for the aftermath: Baking, and Glasses

Gates vs Jobs

I'm having a blast randomly hitting Planet Northern Voice for a kind of blog potpourri. Spotted this YouTube video on Random Dude's blog. It made me laugh, so I'm sharing.

The Week That Was

It was a fun/busy/crazy week, last week. There was the PHP Conference, which went really well. Outside coverage here: Volunteers make Vancouver PHP Conference work. I was on the organizing committee and am in awe of how Peter and Audrey worked their butts off.

As with all big events, there's catch-up on other things afterwards. Even still, I managed to sit in on the 2007 Webloggers Salon @ UBC. The Educational world is a fascinating place. For every example of hidebound teaching you can find examples of excellence and innovation. The Salon highlighted the latter, in case you were wondering. There's some cool stuff happening in academia and I look forward to hearing more at Northern Voice

Speaking of Northern Voice, we launched Planet Northern Voice! It follows the content of people who've registered for Northern Voice through something called RSS Aggregation.

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A Little Fun for Valentines

A little bit of silliness for Valentine's day . . .

My Super Hero Lover is
69.4% Match
You want a no-nonsense woman who leads a clean life. You also like dark skinned and mysteriously foreign chicks.
Other Close Matches:

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel (64.6%)

Lyja (64%)

Who is your super hero lover?

As the World Turns

GlobeIt was a busy weekend. The first ever Battlestar Galactica meet-up had 20 people show up! (Including a reporter.) An amazingly good first showing, even considering a lot of the people are also in the Firefly/Serenity group.

One of the women attending is on a working vacation from the UK. Given Saturday was a nice day, the first and possibly last in a while, a couple of us took the opportunity to show her a bit of the North Shore. The Cyprus outlook is excellent on a clear day. We also took a little drive through West Vancouver and stopped at Dundarave, where this picture was taken.

The huge globe is stone and sits on a water jet, so it turns. I think the dot in the middle of this Google Map is it! I was really happy with how well the picture turned out. I love how the background is totally black, like the globe is in space.


UnderdogUnderdog is a cartoon that has a special place in my childhood memories. I was big fan when I was kid, and still remember the theme music and many of the catch phrases ("There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"). When I first heard they were making an Underdog movie I was cautiously optimistic. Sadly, the optimism is gone. Read why in my latest Mad About Movies posting: There’s every reason to fear, Disney’s Underdog is here.


I love it when a plan comes together!:

Vancouver Firefly/Serenity Meetup Group - We're happy to announce the birth of our NEW WEBSITE!

Serenity in FlightAfter much slaving (and yes, a whole lotta laughs) we've put together a nifty new website for the BC Browncoats

The website in no way replaces our lovely little home here (although the decor is better), but it's designed to serve as a snazzy introduction to our group, an easy place to direct people to, and a place to showcase ourselves.

Full Annoucement:

For my part in the project see my post here: New BC Browncoats Website

Monty Trek

Oh noes, is that Camelot on the view screen of the star ship Enterprise? Are we on a collision course? See what happens when Monty Python and Star Trek collide!!!

Monty Trek
Monty Trek on YouTube

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