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More Beastiary - Three Heads Are Better Than One

This "trio" arrived at Christmas time.

3 Headed Dragon

This dragon has a secret, it's also a puppet. Look Mom, I'm a dragon proctologist!

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

I've seen this video on some educator blogs I follow (Abject Learning, D'Arcy Norman dot net). I find it completely fascinating, maybe it's the music. Regardless, the message is totally bang on.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Pencil Art!

Some cool pencil art on display at the 50 Books blog:

Pencil Art
Pencil This In

you're not going to post this to the internet, are you?

Seen on cute toaster's blogroll: things my boyfriend says

Made me smile.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revisited

Buffy the Vampire SlayerI recently finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. A two month marathon of 144 episodes, or 100.8 hours, of television viewing. A bit more with the DVD extras. It was worth the time investment!

I enjoyed Buffy when it first aired, but broadcast television being what it is I missed many episodes. This second time around watching the episodes on DVD one after another, without commercial interruptions was a far richer experience. I always thought the writing was a cut above, but didn't realize just how much until experiencing the story arc without missing episodes or being interrupted by commercials (when I tended to channel surf away and not make it back in time to catch the remaining story).

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Because the Future Smells Funny

It's well past time to highlight my favourite podcast: the sniffer

the sniffer banner

I've been fans of Nora Young and Cathi Bond since their Definitely not the Opera (aka DNTO) days on CBC. Young hosted the show and Bond did a segment on videos. Flash forward to the CBC strike when they teamed up to try out podcasting. Happily, they kept it going after the strike.

These women both have a keen sense of irony, an eye, er, a nose, for the interesting issues beneath the story, and aren't worried about calling attention to an emperor with no clothes while many of their media colleagues are admiring the weave. Even though they each have very different personalities they compliment each other beautifully. And it isn't until Bond makes Young laugh that you realize they both have a wicked sense of humour.

The sniffer podcast is five to ten minutes long and comes out two to three times a week. They discuss trends, pop culture, technology and sometimes the stuff that's just plain goofy, and are never afraid to call bullshit if the topic deserves it. I recommend checking it out.

New Beastiary Additions

I got this bad boy for my birthday last year and have been meaning to post a picture.

Dragon Pic

That sword is a letter opener and woe to the letter that resists! When the dragon lets me use it, that is.

Mad About Movies Podcast

I finally helped produce an original podcast!

I've wanted to produce a podcast ever since discovering them, but have never considered myself "on-air" talent. Val and Marina are! So the three of us got together and c'est voila! It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and talking Oscars. I hope that comes through. The podcast is posted at the Mad About Movies website:

Mad About Movies Podcast
FilmCast Episode 1

My biggest contribution is the equipment, but I am in there making the occasional comment.

Bicycle Bee

People are doing cool stuff all over the place. Someone I recently met who's definitely in this category is Ifny. We crossed paths at the Vancouver Drupaliers January meeting. Ifny is involved with a number of community organizations using technology for "real world" community building and good works. One of these is the bicycle bee. It's a come together, get to know some people, eat, and fix/build a bike group.

From their website: - Why Bike Bee?

Bicycle Bee LogoBicycle Bee isn't about work. We will not enslave you to some dull-as-dishwater project. The idea is similar to the quilting bee -- a way to foster communication, take bike repair and building out of the sometimes offputting workshop, and into the hands of anyone who has, or wants a bike. Works in the same way as a quilting bee. A group of people get together and toss various tips and advice back and forth, in an accessible language we all use. Instead of a quilt, the project is a bike, but the process is the same.

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We found Earth, but where can we find coffee?!

Battlestar Galactica PatchRight out of the launch bay it was clear the "re-imagined" Battlestar Galatica (BSG) was sometime different. One look at Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck made it real clear ("Oh my god, Starbuck is a woman?!"). That it was simply great drama quickly became apparent, but going on to win a Peabody award was icing on the cake.

Given the affinity great shows have for attracting fan groups, especially science fiction shows, it's surprising and a little ironic there isn't a Vancouver BSG fan group (it is filmed here, after all). That's just changed. A fan group named The 13th Colony has just started with Meetup as its home:

Their inaugural coffee and chat is scheduled for Saturday, February 10 at 2:00pm.

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