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Dragony Goodness: The Temeraire Series

His Majesty's Dragon Cover Thrown of Jade Cover Cover Black Powder War
This Christmas a friend gave me the three books currently making up the Temeraire Series: His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War. They're by Naomi Novik, a relatively new author and former computer game designer. I've written a brief review: In a nutshell, I really enjoyed them.

Turns out my friend and I aren't the only ones who enjoyed these books. Peter Jackson liked the series so much he's optioned them: Lord of fantasy: Jackson eyeing 'Temeraire'. I sure hope this movie gets made and spawns lots of sequels!

As I eagerly wait for the next book in the series, A Brazen Armament (That's the working title, in any event), the books have now begun circulation among my friends. I might even get them back. Someday.

"Women" of WoW

Although I stopped playing the massive online hack and slash games before World of Warcraft came out I'm still fascinated by them and try to follow the goings on. A friend sent me this link from Game Daily (

Women of WoW
Women of Warcraft Photo Gallery

Pictured is Lindsey Lohan as a blood elf. The resemblance is really quite amazing, I think they may be on to something here! The rest are equally as good, be sure to check out Jenny McCarthy as the Orc.

More Tinkering

Eyes in the DarkAfter the Drupal 5 upgrade I couldn't help myself and continued working. There's a list of things I've wanted to do and upgrade reminded me of how long they've been sitting. Avoiding the technical details, since that's fodder for Group42, here they are:

  • There was no appreciable difference between my blog and the Doodle Pad, and having both was giving me a headache. They've been rolled back into one, like the pre-Drupal site.
  • Simplified the navigation
  • Comments are now enabled
  • Tags are now enabled
  • New sidebar block showing recent content on Group42
  • Contact form instead of email address (damn spammers)
  • Some other internal stuff (Views module) to lay the groundwork for future changes

Nothing earth shattering, but it's a start on getting Digitial Doodles where I'd like it to be.

Drupal 5

This site is powered by software named Drupal, and yesterday Drupal 5.0 was released: Drupal 5.0 released. And on Drupal's 6th birthday, no less. This is cause for excitement in some the technical circles I run in. Not so much here. Still, today I updated Digital Doodles to Drupal 5.0. It was incredibly smooth and I'm quite pleased. Worth a mention.

Best Wishes!

Christmas BellWish you all an awesome holiday session and for those of you celebrating it, a very merry Christmas!

The Big Blackout

Eyes in the DarkSorry to state the obvious, but the absence of electricity for 54 hours well and truly sucks. I wish I could announce some philosophic discovery like I have a new appreciation for what electricity gives us, but it would be utter bullshit. I already appreciated electricity and didn't need a long absence to bring the point home.

I do have some observations:

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"Sunshine" Coast

Ferry Passage WayThe recent deluge of rain and Friday's resulting boil water restriction left me with no place to get my morning coffee, so I hopped the Langdale ferry to the Sunshine Coast! Well . . . ok. The planned visit to see friends might have had something to do with the trip, too. It was sweet bonus marks that the coffee shop patronized for my delayed caffeine hit made a wicked Americano. In addition to triggering the introduction to a great coffee shop the boil water advisory resulted in another fortunate event, but more on that later.

For those who aren't from around here, the "Sunshine" coast is an act of contrarian naming whimsy. Firmly located in the coastal rain forest and only a 40 minute ferry ride away, rain is as much a part of the local colour as it is in Vancouver. No exception was made for my visit. Or as a fellow ferry passenger put it, "it's nicer in August" (Or as Bender might put it, "Sunshine? - Bite my rusty metal ass!"). What nature lacked in pleasant weather was made up by the good company, the novelty of my first visit, and the wicked Americano.

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Hug a Moose: Northern Voice 2007

Northern Voice MooseNorthern Voice is back for its 3rd year on February 23rd and 24th!:

They're currently at the call for speaker stage, so if you have something to say speak up here:

This is a great and very accessible conference. If you have any interest in new media, social media, citizen journalism or blogging you won't want to miss this.

Surrey International Writers' Conference 2006

Last weekend I buried myself in the learning and networking orgy that is the Surrey International Writers' Conference ( Although the conference is primarily aimed at fiction and my writing proclivities have a distinct non-fiction bent, I enjoy the conference immensely.

The SiWC always has great presenters and this year was no exception. The nicest discovery of the conference was Jennifer Crusie. Don't let the fact she's a romance writer make you think she doesn't know her craft. This woman knows her stuff, is funny and can communicate, always a winning combination in a teacher. The co-presented session with her and Bob Mayer was also excellent. I also enjoyed the sessions with Elizabeth Lyon, a perennial favourite, and Robert Sawyer. Susan Wiggs gave the most enjoyable keynote of the conference. I quite enjoyed Robert Sawyer's keynote as well, but he quoted Heinlein which may have destroyed my objectivity!

And I won something in the door prize draw! Huzzah! What am I going to complain about next year? . . .

Some of my notes actually turned out coherent. I'll post them when I get a chance to clean them up.


A number of people on the edge of my life have passed away in the last couple of months. Mostly relatives, real and adopted. People who I didn't quite make a one-to-one connection with but thought well of and whose company I enjoyed, and will now remember fondly.

Death, for me, is the sadness of knowing I'll never see someone again. Knowing that that person's particular talent and personality is lost to the world except in memory. And in this case, the lost opportunity of not knowing them better.

Sometimes I cry, too. Usually at some random time months or years later. Thinking happy thoughts or wishing I could see them again.

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