Doodle Pad Archive - May 2001

Thank you, Mr. Adams, for the incredible humour you brought into my world. Your works have a special place in the life of myself and my friends; 42 is forever significant. I hope they've saved you the best table at Milliways. --- Author Douglas Adams Dies - BBC News

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The latest Cypto-Gram, a free monthly newsletter on computer security and cryptography from Bruce Schneier, is excellent, as usual. It contains some thoughtful pieces like "The Futility of Digital Copy Prevention", news and a quote I can't resist repeating: "No place is so strongly fortified that money could not capture it." (See Crypto-Gram for the Latin version.) --- Crypto-Gram May 15, 2001 Issue

Life was good. A swamp, some "No Trespassing" signs, and everyone too afraid to bother you. But what's an ogre to do when home sweet swamp becomes a refugee camp for nursery rhyme and fairy tale creatures? If your name is Shrek, you do a deal with the local despot and go on a quest to restore the status quo! A little something involving a princess, a dragon, and mortal danger, more or less.

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A peasant seizes the opportunity to fulfill his life dream of becoming a knight by assuming the identity of his dead master at a jousting tournement. As Queen's "We Will Rock You" plays during the opening credits one notices the peasants at the tournament are stomping and clapping in rhythm, a big hint that the movie won't be historically accurate. If this is a big thing for you, don't see this movie.

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