Knight's Tale Movie Review

A peasant seizes the opportunity to fulfill his life dream of becoming a knight by assuming the identity of his dead master at a jousting tournement.

As Queen's "We Will Rock You" plays during the opening credits one notices the peasants at the tournament are stomping and clapping in rhythm, a big hint that the movie won't be historically accurate. If this is a big thing for you, don't see this movie.

"A Knight's Tale" is a feel good fairy tale about dreaming the big dream, being true to yourself and your friends, behaving honourably, and ultimately having dreams come true. Enormous liberties were taken with history but I didn't care. The characters were marvellous and I enjoyed watching them. Equally fun to watch were the jousting scenes.

This isn't to say all was perfect. Aside from mangling history the pacing of the story was a little off and I found it dragged in the middle. Towards the end I was set to throw my coffee at the screen if I heard the "change your stars" speech one more time. The ending tried too hard to be dramatic and wound up over the top.

"A Knight's Tale" is a fun throw away matinee movie, though I didn't mind paying full price.

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