Doodle Pad Archive - April 2002

By Dale McGladdery April 11, 2002 Warehousing & Asset Investment Recovery Surrey, BC It's Thursday and you've just arrived at the Warehousing and Asset Investment Recovery branch of the BC Ministry of Management Services in Surrey, are you: Still untangling your tongue after saying the name? No longer curious about what happens to PST withholders? Lost in the wilds of Surrey wondering if you'll get out alive? Looking for a ...

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VanLUG February 2002 Meeting Presentation By Dale McGladdery March 12, 2002 Luca Filipozzi shares his experience implementing LDAP How do you manage user passwords and access control across Microsoft and Unix operating systems? If you're Luca Filipozzi, IT Manager at the UBC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Filipozzi presented the why and how of his implementation at the Vancouver Linux User Group's February 2002 meeting.

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