Doodle Pad Archive - January 2003

Blogging, or web logs, are steadily entering the mainstream as a communications tool. I wrote an article about web logs for Write On!, the newsletter of the North Shore Writers' Association. It can be found here.

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I've been doing work on other people's web sites and ignoring my own. It was time to tackle the double-D and rearrange a few bits and bytes. You'll notice the over-all look hasn't changed very much but the content arrangement has. I'm not calling it the final word, but I think it's closer to the site's goal.

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A new episode of classic Trek? Sort of. A pair of brothers, fans of classic Star Trek, decided to make their own episode. It took them seven years and they nailed it! Background story in their hometown press. Now it's available for viewing on the net: The Savage Empire:

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