Doodle Pad Archive - July 2004

Things have been slow here in great part because maintaining static web pages is a drag. Oh, it's fun until someone loses an eye when there's only a few pages. After a certain point small changes mean updating too many pages and, oh gosh, web updates? ... I think it's time to do the laundry.

A big Happy Birthday to the Sister. Wishing you an awsome day, take some time off studying and enjoy!

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Have I created expectations of regular updates, yet? Websites can sometimes resemble crack, or Leys ("bet you can't eat just one") potato chips: they can be somewhat addictive. Or maybe this flaw is limited to my particular DNA sequencing. Regardless, I wear the webmaster hat for more than just Digital Doodles.

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The director of the Your Vancouver Farmers' Market Society recently spoke at a meeting of the Slow Food Vancouver Convivium. Yours truly wrote up the details of the meeting and they're available for a read at the Slow Food Vancouver website. For a short while it's front page, but fame is fleeting . . . permanent link is here.

A Celtic reel belts across the North Vancouver Civic plaza where children dance and adults keep time to the beat. The buildings around the plaza provide refuge from the evening sun and day's heat as The Tiller's Folly treat the crowd to their unique style of pacific Celtic/roots music. Lead singer Bruce Coughlan's voice was destined for Celtic folk music.

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After seeing the trailers I was positive this movie butchered Isaac Asimov's book, I, Robot, in spite of director Alex Proyas' reassurance he had stayed true to its spirit. The book was distinctly not a Will Smith action vehicle. When the movie started pulling in positive reviews I got curious and decided to check it out. I'm happy the trailers got it wrong.

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