Doodle Pad Archive - August 2004

There's nothing like a good frothing at the mouth, profanity filled, politically incorrect rant from an articulate . . . squirrel!?! Neurotically Yours is a flash comic featuring Foamy the squirrel and his Goth owner, Germaine. Foamy is not without an opinion or the willingness to express it. His vitriolic diatribes are hilarious. I particularly like SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE (under the Toons link while it lasts in the archive). Oh, and watch out for his squirrelly wrath.

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The Bourne Supremacy picks up a year after The Bourne Identity ends, but you don't have to see the first to understand the sequel. Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, has physically recovered from the ordeal that caused his amnesia and forced him into hiding. However, he still suffers mental turmoil from half-remembered events he's struggling to understand. Forgotten by his agency masters, events in Germany bring Bourne back into the espionage game and force him to make good on his promise: To bring the fight back to the pursuers.

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The youngest son in a family of international celebrity billionaires wants very badly to join the family business. The family business happens to be International Rescue, a secret organization that rescues people using rocket ships, mini-subs, and other high-tech machinery. If you haven't caught on that this is a kids movie go to the back of the class with many of America's film critics.

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