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Welcome to my “new” old site! I know it looks the same and some *cough* all *cough* of the content isn’t here yet, but doesn’t it seem like an improvement?! After playing around with my own version of a Content Management System (CMS) it was time to stop soloing. Welcome to Digital Doodles in "Drupal-Vision", er implemented in Drupal. It's time to stop re-inventing the wheel so I have some time to use it.

Meeting every Tuesday for the last 10 years the Rogue Writers admit to consuming gallons of coffee and tea, unknown quantities of wine, and "several cigarettes". Known individually as Colleen Heinrich, Raquel Garcia, Gerhard Winkler and Moira Thompson, they managed a bit of writing, too. Friday January 28th at 32 Books friends and well wishers celebrated the launch of the Rogue's first book: ten years of tuesdays, a collection of short stories and poems.

This weekend my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary among friends and family. It was beautiful weather and my brother's place was the perfect location. With everyone's crazy, busy life it takes a special event or funeral to get everyone together. So not only did we celebrate the moment we also received a gift of sorts: an event to bring everyone together. Seeing aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends I hadn't seen for a while was very nice indeed.

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For those of you already fluent with RSS, just check the bottom of the right sidebar. For those of you not fluent, RSS is a way of monitoring a website for new content without having to always come back to the website. Pretty handy when you have content providers who, like me, tend be sporatic.

A couple of friends and I went to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night. Although the production values were great I am, in the end, disappointed. Dead Man's Chest isn't much more than a framework for action and special effect sequences. In the first Pirates the humour served as a counter-point to the action and advanced the characters. Here it's farcical. The special effects, while spectacular, didn't add anything to the movie.

A friend just sent me this link: Vintage Warplanes Going Airborne Again. Millionaire Paul Allen is collecting old warplanes and restoring them to flight worthiness. Better yet, they're on display! From the article: The Microsoft Corp. co-founder opened his collection to public view two years ago, and has since given many summertime visitors a chance to see the old planes take to the skies during "fly days," when the aircraft get exercise needed to keep ...

Photo by Matthew Trentacoste(squarewithin@Flickr) There's something magical about a lantern procession on a summer night. It's hard to describe, but there's a power to people enjoying themselves while holding smalls lights in a space and at a time that's normally dark and empty. There's a goodwill you can reach out and touch. The stilt walkers and fire jugglers might has something to do with that ... and there's lots of stuff going on in the daylight before hand, too!

Memphis Blues is the best barbeque joint I've found in the Vancouver area. If you think you know a better place, let me know. I love doing the investigation! When a friend emailed with news that they might be opening a restaurant on the North Shore, I was cautiously optimistic. His information is confirmed on the Memphis Blues website,, so I'm now officially excited!

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In Clerks II we rejoin Dante and Randall some ten or so years after Clerks, just in time to watch disaster strike and fate move them from clerks at a crappy corner grocery to clerks at a crappy fast food joint. But wait, things might be looking up. Dante may be on track for the good life. Of course, it wouldn't be a story if there weren't some bumps before we find out.

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There was a torrential down pore like we seldom see in Vancouver on Sunday morning. The rain was coming down so hard the the road tops looked like the surface of a lake. This kind of rain is miserable to be and wonderful to watch, especially in the pre-dawn light. This picture isn

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