Doodle Pad Archive - January 2007

This site is powered by software named Drupal, and yesterday Drupal 5.0 was released: Drupal 5.0 released. And on Drupal's 6th birthday, no less. This is cause for excitement in some the technical circles I run in. Not so much here. Still, today I updated Digital Doodles to Drupal 5.0. It was incredibly smooth and I'm quite pleased. Worth a mention.

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After the Drupal 5 upgrade I couldn't help myself and continued working. There's a list of things I've wanted to do and upgrade reminded me of how long they've been sitting. Avoiding the technical details, since that's fodder for Group42, here they are: There was no appreciable difference between my blog and the Doodle Pad, and having both was giving me a headache.

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Although I stopped playing the massive online hack and slash games before World of Warcraft came out I'm still fascinated by them and try to follow the goings on. A friend sent me this link from Game Daily ( Women of Warcraft Photo Gallery Pictured is Lindsey Lohan as a blood elf. The resemblance is really quite amazing, I think they may be on to something here! The rest are equally as good, be sure to check out Jenny McCarthy as the Orc.

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This Christmas a friend gave me the three books currently making up the Temeraire Series: His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade, and Black Powder War. They're by Naomi Novik, a relatively new author and former computer game designer. I've written a brief review: In a nutshell, I really enjoyed them.

Right out of the launch bay it was clear the "re-imagined" Battlestar Galatica (BSG) was sometime different. One look at Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck made it real clear ("Oh my god, Starbuck is a woman?!"). That it was simply great drama quickly became apparent, but going on to win a Peabody award was icing on the cake.

People are doing cool stuff all over the place. Someone I recently met who's definitely in this category is Ifny. We crossed paths at the Vancouver Drupaliers January meeting. Ifny is involved with a number of community organizations using technology for "real world" community building and good works. One of these is the bicycle bee. It's a come together, get to know some people, eat, and fix/build a bike group.

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I finally helped produce an original podcast! I've wanted to produce a podcast ever since discovering them, but have never considered myself "on-air" talent. Val and Marina are! So the three of us got together and c'est voila! It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and talking Oscars. I hope that comes through. The podcast is posted at the Mad About Movies website:

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