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I got this bad boy for my birthday last year and have been meaning to post a picture. That sword is a letter opener and woe to the letter that resists! When the dragon lets me use it, that is.

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It's well past time to highlight my favourite podcast: the sniffer I've been fans of Nora Young and Cathi Bond since their Definitely not the Opera (aka DNTO) days on CBC. Young hosted the show and Bond did a segment on videos. Flash forward to the CBC strike when they teamed up to try out podcasting. Happily, they kept it going after the strike.

I recently finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. A two month marathon of 144 episodes, or 100.8 hours, of television viewing. A bit more with the DVD extras. It was worth the time investment! I enjoyed Buffy when it first aired, but broadcast television being what it is I missed many episodes.

Some cool pencil art on display at the 50 Books blog: Pencil This In

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I've seen this video on some educator blogs I follow (Abject Learning, D'Arcy Norman dot net). I find it completely fascinating, maybe it's the music. Regardless, the message is totally bang on. Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

This "trio" arrived at Christmas time. This dragon has a secret, it's also a puppet. Look Mom, I'm a dragon proctologist!

Oh noes, is that Camelot on the view screen of the star ship Enterprise? Are we on a collision course? See what happens when Monty Python and Star Trek collide!!! Monty Trek on YouTube

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I love it when a plan comes together!: Vancouver Firefly/Serenity Meetup Group - We're happy to announce the birth of our NEW WEBSITE! After much slaving (and yes, a whole lotta laughs) we've put together a nifty new website for the BC Browncoats The website in no way replaces our lovely little home here (although the decor is better), but it's designed to serve as a snazzy introduction to our group, an easy place to direct people to, and a place to showcase ourselves.

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Underdog is a cartoon that has a special place in my childhood memories. I was big fan when I was kid, and still remember the theme music and many of the catch phrases ("There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!"). When I first heard they were making an Underdog movie I was cautiously optimistic. Sadly, the optimism is gone. Read why in my latest Mad About Movies posting: There’s every reason to fear, Disney’s Underdog is here.

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It was a busy weekend. The first ever Battlestar Galactica meet-up had 20 people show up! (Including a reporter.) An amazingly good first showing, even considering a lot of the people are also in the Firefly/Serenity group. One of the women attending is on a working vacation from the UK. Given Saturday was a nice day, the first and possibly last in a while, a couple of us took the opportunity to show her a bit of the North Shore.

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It was a fun/busy/crazy week, last week. There was the PHP Conference, which went really well. Outside coverage here: Volunteers make Vancouver PHP Conference work. I was on the organizing committee and am in awe of how Peter and Audrey worked their butts off. As with all big events, there's catch-up on other things afterwards.

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I'm having a blast randomly hitting Planet Northern Voice for a kind of blog potpourri. Spotted this YouTube video on Random Dude's blog. It made me laugh, so I'm sharing.

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I just love these pictures of my niece! She's usually quite reserved when I'm around but occasionally I get to see her cutting loose and having fun. She's apparently found a "Tim, the tool man, Taylor" replacement for the mortar and pestle. Awesome! For the full story see: Baking and for the aftermath: Baking, and Glasses

Yes, I'm still alive. Sort of. Last week was busy with North Voice and fighting one of the cold/flu bugs going around. There's certainly a smorgasbord to choose from, though I suppose it's more like a virus lottery. Northern Voice was awesome but it did the opposite of helping my recovery. It was worth it, but I've been a sickie Sunday and today. Things are on the mend, though. The snot monster is definitely in retreat.

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I convinced my friend Marina she should come to Northern Voice, and she did. Walking from the UBC bus loop to the conference location she struck up a conversation with Laurie, who was attending the conference from out-of-town. Because of Marina meeting Laurie we all went to lunch together where Laurie mentioned she was from Whitehorse.

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Seen at Defense Tech, this is just too cool: I'm not sure what powers the motors but I imagine the airplane pilot is relieved when it exits his cabin!

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