Early Daylight Savings, Me Like

This is view off my balcony on an overcast day in the middle of March at 7pm - Yah, baby! Let there be light!

Balcony Pic

I'm really liking early daylight savings time. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to keep the hour shifted to the end of the day all year round.


Marina wrote 15 years 10 weeks ago

I don't mind it now but I

I don't mind it now but I hated it yesterday when I lost an hour's sleep!

Laurie wrote 15 years 10 weeks ago


It was just starting to get light out when we were leaving for work (6:00)...but it's nice to be able to drive home in the daylight and walk the dogs before it's dark.

Work has been kicking both of our asses lately...but we need to get together for some movies or something!

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