Doodle Pad Archive - April 2007

Hello readers! I know you're out there, I finally got around to installing a statistics package. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. And speaking of stats packages, who'd have thought the BSG post, which people found through Google, would be my most popular post for March! But I digress.

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It seems that yours truly has been branded an "A.S.S. man". Though I've been both a student and admirer of the female form since adolescence this reference isn't to junk in the trunk. It seems the folks over at BuzzFeed are attributing to me a trait that Michelangelo may have had!:

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Sometimes a person needs a relatively short game to play. My game of choice right now is Desktop Tower Defense: Desktop TD is a flash based TD game, that pays homage to a few Warcraft 3 tower defense maps. You have to stop your enemies, or 'creeps', from traveling all the way across the screen. Tower pieces can be purchased and placed on the map to kill the creeps before they make it across.

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Back in a January post I said the words "I", "podcast", and "produce" in the same sentence. Episode 1 of the Mad About Movies was a little rough but it was start. The latest Mad About Movies podcast, number 4 in fact, is out: MAD Film Gab - Episode 4 - The Little Guys! (The Little Guys refers to the smaller May movie releases)

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