Relief From Movie Going Idiots?

Handheld Movie Pager

Seen at Cinema Fusion: Handheld Pagers Limiting Annoying Moviegoers. Cinema Fusion referenced this story: High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters. I found a press release on Business Wire: Regal Guest Response System Offered in 114 Theatres

From the press release:

Regal Entertainment Group theatres participating in the Guest Response System invite selected patrons to carry a paging device with them into the auditorium. One patron may participate for each of the theatre's auditoriums and for each movie showtime. The Guest Response device is a hand-held pager with four buttons. Each button alerts local management of a different problem such as: sound, picture, piracy or other disturbance. When the patron pushes a button, a message goes to a pager worn by a manager which tells them the nature of the concern, and in which auditorium.

Kudos to Regal Entertainment Group for trying to do something about these idiots who don't realize the theatre is public space, not their living room.

According to the press release this has already been tried on a small scale with good results. If this truly works it would be nice to see a Canadian chain take it on. I'm definitely making theatre and time choices based on what I think the crowd will be like (Burbs bad, downtown better). If this works it would definitely make a theatre using it my first choice.


Colleen O wrote 14 years 51 weeks ago

Thats cool. I hope it makes

Thats cool. I hope it makes its way up here soon. I always wondered why theaters don't just jam cell phone signals, and make a huge banner at the front door informing people their phones and pagers will not work inside. I would frequent that theatre for sure.

dale wrote 14 years 51 weeks ago

Kind of illegal

Jamming cell phones is illegal, though I've seen ads for boxes you can buy from overseas ......

I've also seen radio absorbent paneling you can put on walls, which is legal.

Given that most theatre chains seem perfectly happy to waste 10 minutes of our time on shit commercials but don't show those "Please be Considerate" clips I'm not sure they give a damn in the first place.

Anonymous wrote 14 years 51 weeks ago should be should be putting these type of stories on the movie site! ;)

dale wrote 14 years 51 weeks ago

Mea culpa

I know, but the poor double-d hasn't had any posting love for a while.

McCow wrote 14 years 50 weeks ago

Nice idea...

...still not enough to drag me back into the dystopian wasteland that is Colossus.

dale wrote 14 years 50 weeks ago

Except ...

.. maybe if it's playing a movie on a dystopian future, just to get some added mood. The only thing missing was burning garbage cans, but maybe we could fix that too.

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