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Book Crossing is the practice of leaving a book in a public place for someone else to pick up and enjoy. When that someone else had read the book, he or she does the same. The practice has become common enough that the word bookcrossing made it into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in 2004 (not that anyone actually cares about dictionary these days).

I've been seeing Simpson self-portraits popping up in different places and figured there must be an animation creator app out there someone. Then all was explained over at Read/Write Web in this post: Simpsonize Yourself. Over at you can create a Simpsons avatar of yourself from a photograph! The Burger King/Simpsons commercials I've seen have been lame, but this application rocks. As you've seen, I wasn't immune to the siren call. Starting from the photograph is nice, much easier than creating a Skype or Wii avatar.

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I've seen this in a bunch of places now, and have probably shown it to 4 or 5 people in the past week. It's freaking awesome enough I have to post it here, too. I can't wait till this makes it way into regular photo editing applications.

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I agree with Anil Dash, this video made by high school students for an English class is very cool: It reminded me of a comedy sketch done by Wayne and Shuster called Rinse the Blood Off my Toga. Both are combining Shakespeare and pop culture for fun results.

I've been really quite remiss on this subject, and meaning to blog about this for the last month. Without further procrastination: The Surrey International Writers' Conference is coming! Check out Don't wait to long, it usually sells out. If you're a writer and are interesting in improving your writing craft and/or trying to sell your manuscript, this is the conference for you.

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Some new experiences are wonderful. Then there's the other kind. You know. The kind of new experience you really don't need to have in your lifetime. Friday night was one of those. Don't know what the instigators were thinking when they heaved the milk crate at my second floor window at one in the morning, but they certainly got my attention. I was up and reading a book on the sofa. Fortunately my curtains were closed so the glass didn't get very far. My landlord is great, it was fixed the next day.

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