Doodle Pad Archive - October 2007

This is too fun not to post! What does a cockatoo named Snowball and the Backstreet Boys have in common, follow this link to the video or click on the picture to find out. I'm not giving too much away when I say it's better than Hamster Dance!

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I'm soooo tired but it's been a great weekend at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. Me and 800 other authors plus a miscellaneous assortment of editors, agents, and producers at a 3 day writing geek-fest. I have a running summary of notes I was trying to edit into a post-able state but the 3 days away caught up to me too quick in the form of a couple of 1 hour phone calls.

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When I first saw the LOLCat stuff I laughed but never thought it had legs. This latest find by Kris Krüg leaves me gob smacked: LOLCat Bible Translation Project This is a new translation wiki to get the entire Bible translated into kitty pidgin (the language of lolcats). Zotnix saw a link to a picture with this done to Genesis and thought, "Why not the whole darned book?"

The folks at Common Craft are at it again, this time telling you how to have a safe Halloween, even if there's a zombie attack!

Did you note the word adventure in quotes? Good. I wasn't looking for an adventure, but one found me. On my way to a family Thanksgiving in Vernon my car developed a little problem ... I couldn't shift. Well, that's not exactly true. I could kind of, sort of shift if I didn't mind lots of grinding sounds and horrible thumps. And I did mind.

After many years of gaming on my PC I finally broke down and bought a gaming console. PC games have become such a royal pain in the ass with compatibility issues and the game industry's ever increasing thirst for more video and CPU horsepower. Time to move on. I'm now the happy owner of a Wii (pronounced "we").

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My friend Ken and I have called each other fools, and sometimes worse, a number of times since we've know each other. Now I can call Ken a Fool, and he won't mind a bit! Introducing one of The Motley Fool's newest writers, Kenneth M. McDonald, and his first article: Cheap Insurance for Your Portfolio.

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The pub in Kelowna I broke down at burned: Pier Pub Fire, how strange is that?! Maybe not that strange, it would make a good party spot that close to town but nice and empty. And I did notice discarded liquor bottles when I was killing time there. Still, glad it waited till I was long gone.

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