Back from SiWC 2007

I'm soooo tired but it's been a great weekend at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. Me and 800 other authors plus a miscellaneous assortment of editors, agents, and producers at a 3 day writing geek-fest.

I have a running summary of notes I was trying to edit into a post-able state but the 3 days away caught up to me too quick in the form of a couple of 1 hour phone calls. I'm really going to try to get my notes posted while it's still October and they're still relevant, but for tonight this is all you get!



Marina wrote 14 years 30 weeks ago

Oh good god that's a lot of

Oh good god that's a lot of people. I spent the weekend cooped up at home getting over a cold and studying for a couple of midterms. Oh lucky me!

dale wrote 14 years 30 weeks ago

A human seeking cold-virus

A human seeking cold-virus missile managed to target my sinuses, too. Paraphrasing Ruthie's immortal words, I'm a snot monster right now.

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