First Snow of Fall 2007

Last Tuesday we had the first snow of Fall/Winter 2007. It was supposed to come Monday, but this is the laid back West Coast so it took its time (Which is way too much anthropomorphizing, but sounds better than the meteorologists' explanations). I pretty much missed it where I live. The snow that did land around here melted fairly quickly. If not for hints of snow on the grass and cars, you'd have never known it happened. And the next day Grouse Mountain looked nice.

Snowy Grouse Mountain

Come Friday the snow is mostly gone from the mountain, much to the dismay of the ski resort there. As you can see from the smuggy bit (ok, zoomed copy as well) their snow machines are working hard against nature on "the Cut" ski run to keep some white stuff around.

Grouse Mountain making snow Grouse Mountain making snow (zoomed)

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Marina wrote 14 years 8 weeks ago


How pretty! I didn't have a nice view at all. Thought the sunrise after the snowfall was nice!

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