Doodle Pad Archive - December 2007

As we stepped into the night air late yesterday evening my friends and I commented on how it felt like snow. Indeed. Apparently the snow furies read my blog post yesterday and thought I was missing out (there's that anthropomorphizing, again). Judging from the amount of snow on the street versus on the mountains, there wasn't actually a lot of snow fall. It just didn't melt away because the temperature is still quite cool out there (I can't say cold, least I cause uncontrolled laughter in my relatives further inland).

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Today I had to venture forth for an all day class at BCIT. JavaScript, in case you're curious. Ironically enough, this class had been originally scheduled for October but had been pushed back not once, but twice. The snow furies undoubtedly smacked their lips as they watched this event wandering down the calendar into their temporal neighbourhood, low hanging fruit for a little transportational mischief.

Audio recording and videography are both things I've been interested in for a very long time. In my last year of high school I became involved with the local Cable Vision community channel and loved it. I wish there had been a way of keeping it up, but moving away after graduation kiboshed that. After a number of false starts along the way, this year marks the successful continuous production of actual audio content with the Mad Film Gab podcast! So far I haven't produced any content for Digital Doodles but I'm hoping to change that.

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Last month I attended a book launch party for Cry of the Phoenix by Colleen O'Connor. It was a Shebeen Club event held at the Shebeen Whiskey House (an offshoot of The Irish Heather). I'd been wanting to make a Shebeen Club event for some time but there always seemed to be some conflict or another stopping me. The stars were in proper alignment this month and I could actually make it.

Yesterday I saw the most vivid rainbow I've ever seen. Ever. Period. And it was a double rainbow no less. One of the ends looked no more than a block away and I just had to see if I could find where it touched the ground, in spite of the torrential downpour. And sure enough there it is was, ending just past the bus stop on Lonsdale! And I have pictures! (Click for larger version)

Back in 1985 a movie named Real Genius ( was released. It's a fun little coming of age teen revenge comedy involving boys and lasers; kind of a Animal House goes to MIT. And although there was no Internet back then, Rotten Tomatoes rates it 74% fresh. In the story the students don't realize the laser system they're developing is destined for use by the Air Force in an aerial laser gunship.

Did someone say chocolate? Today I had the pleasure of dropping in on one kc dyer, who is simultaneously a friend, former Writing Association colleague, sometimes supervisor, and sometimes partner in crime. I get to call her k. c. kc was at an Indigo in my part of town with fellow young adult author James McCann doing a book signing event. And in a small world total fluke kind of way I'd already met James McCann; we had a great lunch conversation at the Surrey International Writers' Conference this year.

With the weather they're calling for this winter, even on the coast, I decided to double check my "cold weather driving bag". It's a bag I throw into my trunk come fall when the weather starts to turn, typically around the time I do my yearly Thanksgiving drive to the Okanagan or Interior.

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Doing the extended family thing for Christmas. One house, three generations. We open our presents on Christmas day. Now that my niece and nephew are grown the early morning wake-up pressure is gone. Being teenagers, they're usually the last ones up. Works for me. I like getting my shower and morning coffee in before the wrapping paper flys.

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