Doodle Pad Archive - January 2008

A belated Happy New Year to you all! It's been a slow January for yours truly. Maybe because it's wet and grey during the day and then utterly dark by 5:30. Maybe it's post-Christmas blahs. Maybe just because. Regardless, it's been hard getting excited by much of anything, and hard getting motivated to do stuff. Thank goodness nothing really bad has happened, that's a recipe for cocooning in a blanket until Spring.

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The patterns in music are, to quote Mr. Spock, fascinating. I love hearing how simple patterns like chord progressions and rhythms can be applied so diversely and with such different effect. My fascination was once again tweaked when I came across this YouTube video in a blog post (I wish I could find again to give credit to). Bonus, it's also funny as hell!

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