Announcing: After the Credits Podcast

In the better late than never department, an announcement:

Row ThreeThe Mad Film Gab podcast is now After the Credits and hosted at Row Three.

Those of you who followed the podcast already know this, right? Except for the name change and a different location, it's still the same podcast.

I've updated my sidebar box on the right to show the latest podcasts.

Why the change? Marina, the Mad About Movies primary mover and shaker, decided to throw her towel in with the folks at Row Three. Row Three is the coming together of a number of independent movie bloggers like Marina. Like Paul Schaeffer and the band when David Letterman moved, fellow Mad About Movies postcast host Colleen and I moved with Marina.

Although I'm still with the podcast, I'm not an story contributor at Row Three. I was a sporadic contributor at Mad About Movies so this isn't a biggie and it gives me a chance to contribute a little bit more content here.


Marina wrote 13 years 50 weeks ago

Always an option...

If you're interested in contributing....that's always something that can be set up! ;)

leeny wrote 13 years 50 weeks ago

Dale, Any time you want to

Dale, Any time you want to write a haiku movie review....
Just send it my way!

dale wrote 13 years 50 weeks ago


Marina, thanks. At this stage I'm looking forward to noodling around at Digital Doodles.

Leeny, your Haiku ninja skills are a hard act to follow, but you're on!

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