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Last Monday I finally saw Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

I say finally, because in the perverse behaviour of humans I've had a loaned copy sitting in front of the DVD player for the last three or four months and haven't watched it. With no deadlines, I'd been putting it off. Then a local art house theatre was showing it and movie maven Marina, leader of the Vancouver movie Meetup group, said: Quit waiting, see it! Who was I to refuse? And is not seeing a movie in a shared context the quintessential movie experience?

For those who might not have heard of Seven Samurai, it's a Japanese movie released in 1954, subtitled, black and white, and 3 hours 20 minutes long. And time hadn't been kind to this threatre's copy (the Criterion DVD is much better). In spite of all this, it's well worth the viewing!!!

Seven Samurai is the story of a poor village plagued by bandits. Knowing the bandits will be back to rob their next crop, the village peasants hire samurai to defend them. The movie follows the peasants recruitment of the samurai, battle preparation, and ensuing battle. But this is far more than an action driven movie. The characters are varied and wonderful. More over, the story explores how people deal with the crap life throws at them, catching human nature and interaction at it's best and worst. There's some funny moments thrown in for good measure, that's part of the human experience, too. And don't worry, it has sword fighting.

I'm now firmly a member of the crowd that says this is a must see movie for anyone who's even mildly a film buff.

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Marina wrote 13 years 50 weeks ago


I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! YEY!!!!

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