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Four upcoming films I want to comment on. In no particular order: Coraline Cinema Fusion posted a trailer for Coraline (IMDB page), a movie based on Neil Gaiman's book of the same name. Gaiman has a knack for creating atmosphere, and Coraline the book has a wonderful creepy in-a-good-way vibe and a charming story.

Ladies and gentlemen, compliments of the A.V. Club, a culinary review of something only dreamed of in comic books, cartoons and gastronomical nightmares, presenting Cheeseburger in a Can:

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Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) creator Gary Gygax passed away. The game he co-created is iconic. On a personal level, it gave me a lot of very fun late nights with people who are now very good friends. I've never met him, but I feel like I've lost something. Wired has this piece which is, unsurprisingly, more informative than the AP wire piece: Gary Gygax, 'Father of D&D,' Dies at 69

Robot Chicken Robot Chicken Season 3 is on the air in Canada, premiering last Friday on Teletoons Canada (who has such a lame website I'm not going to link to it). What more needs saying! Joss Whedon's new show: Dollhouse With the writers strike now over, information on Joss Whedon's new TV show, Dollhouse, has once again begun to trickle out. The latest news for hungry fans is the dramatis personae.

I'm writing this blog post on my laptop as I reinstall Windows XP on my desktop computer. Hello Windows XP installer, it's been a long time since we last talked. I haven't really missed you. Installer says: Press "F" if you really, really want to format your hard drive. Sigh. /me presses F.

In spite of "springing ahead" and "losing" an hour of sleep, I'm really looking forward to daylight savings time (Yes, it comes our way this weekend). We're getting an extra hour of light in the evening - woo-who! But at a cost. A research team is verifying what most everyone already knows (save, perhaps, some perky early mornly types): Losing that hour sucks.

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Juno, Genies and the Canadian Content Gorgon The Movie Blog posted on Juno not qualifying for a Genie: Canadian Awards "The Genies" Snub Juno and Make A Joke of Itself In The Process. Turns out the Juno folks didn't even apply: Juno Genie snub explained. Except the Juno folks didn't apply because they didn't qualify. The Genie PR shill totally dodged Reitman's question regarding why this is the case. Way to face the issue head-on.

Time has zoomed this week, so forgive me for blogging about last weekend on a Thursday! Had a great time at a fundraiser for the 1stst Haney Scout Group. The closest I've been personally involved with scouting was as a Cub and I remember it fondly; even still have all my badges around, somewhere.

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Arthur C. Clark is one of three writers whose stories took me from the world of The Hardy Boys to one of infinite imagination. On March 19th Arthur C. Clark passed away. Growing up 15 miles outside a small BC interior town in the pre-internet 70's meant being a geek was decidedly more challenging than it is today.

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As with many people, my parents and sibs are spread across the province and Easter is an excuse to connect. We typically rendezvous at my sister's place in Vernon (well technically it's Coldstream, but even the locals don't make much distinction) and this year was status quo. Unfortunately my brother and his wife had some issues they needed to deal with and couldn't make it.

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One thing about spring travel north of Vancouver, you still need to plan for snow! When I drove to and from Vernon I encountered snow flurries on the Coquihalla (Highway 5) and Kelowna connector (Highway 97C). On the trip up it wasn't sticking. On the trip back it was. All told my trip back was still pretty tame.

In my Easter 2008 post I talked about my niece's dance competition. My sister posted some pictures from the competition. I've stolen a thumbnail of Tia glamed up for one of the numbers. For the full set check out my sisters blog post: Spring Break . . . over too soon!.

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SlashFilm recently ran a piece on the Alamo Draft House Theatre titled, The Alamo Drafthouse - The Best Movie Theater EVER. A pretty bold claim, but this theatre does look pretty amazing! They serve real food in the theatre and have some cool theme events. There's some movies I'd definitely prefer to see without the food distraction (In fact, I'd love to find a movie theatre that got medieval on idiots talking during the film). However, there's a large class of totally fun movies where this venue would rock! If only Vancouver was as enlightened as Austin.

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