Alamo Draft House Theatre - Tres Cool

Alamo Draft House Theatre SlashFilm recently ran a piece on the Alamo Draft House Theatre titled, The Alamo Drafthouse - The Best Movie Theater EVER. A pretty bold claim, but this theatre does look pretty amazing! They serve real food in the theatre and have some cool theme events.

There's some movies I'd definitely prefer to see without the food distraction (In fact, I'd love to find a movie theatre that got medieval on idiots talking during the film). However, there's a large class of totally fun movies where this venue would rock! If only Vancouver was as enlightened as Austin.

Photo by fuzuoko

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Colleeny wrote 13 years 37 weeks ago

Wwith you there.

I do think Vancouver would be receptive to a few well done experiments. I only wish the megaplexs outside of Vancouver would show some of the smaller release films. I can't tell you how many people at work now come up to me and asks whats good in the theaters, only to be disappointed that they are only playing downtown. 30 screens within 10 minutes drive time, and not one is willing to show half the movies playing downtown....rant done!

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