Farewell Arthur C. Clark

Arthur C. ClarkArthur C. Clark is one of three writers whose stories took me from the world of The Hardy Boys to one of infinite imagination. On March 19th Arthur C. Clark passed away.

Growing up 15 miles outside a small BC interior town in the pre-internet 70's meant being a geek was decidedly more challenging than it is today. There were a few perks, like wide open spaces for snowmobiling, mini-bike riding and radio antennas, but few communities of interest to participate in if hunting, fishing or sports weren't your thing. Which is an obtuse way of saying I was often a very bored fish out of water while growing up.

A big saving grace was the public library where I could find the works of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clark. It was through them I learned about possibilities I hadn't imagined and began thinking in terms of the greater world. Star Trek reruns, cheesy sci-fi TV shows, and late night movies signaled the direction, but it was these authors that guided my journey. Although I've read fewer of Clark's books than Heinlein and Asimov's I feel a stronger connection to Clark. Perhaps because his works bore the closest resemblance to the current world.

Thank you, Arthur C. Clark. You are remembered fondly.

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