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Juno, Genies and the Canadian Content Gorgon

Jason Reitman HeadshotThe Movie Blog posted on Juno not qualifying for a Genie: Canadian Awards "The Genies" Snub Juno and Make A Joke of Itself In The Process.

Turns out the Juno folks didn't even apply: Juno Genie snub explained.

Except the Juno folks didn't apply because they didn't qualify. The Genie PR shill totally dodged Reitman's question regarding why this is the case. Way to face the issue head-on.

In no particular order:

  • Right on Jason Reitman for being proud of enough of Canada to be pissed off in the first place. This can't be a commercial issue after scoring Golden Globes and Oscar recognition, so I believe it's a personal point of pride.
  • The Genie folks totally missed turning this into a pre-award ceremony PR dream by engaging the public in a dialog of what exactly a Canadian film is. All they had to say was: these are the current rules, maybe something is wrong, tell us what you think. The discussion might have even made people aware of some other great Canadian films.
  • The Genie qualifiers need updating to include the gambit of Canadian films from Juno to Away From Her.
  • I didn't watch the Genies, but then, I didn't watch the Oscars, either. I like publicly recognizing good movies, but award shows seem an imperfect way of doing it.

Run Fatboy Run

Run Fatboy Run is the latest movie starring and co-written by Simon Pegg of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame. Something starring Simon Pegg now automatically gets my attention, and based on the Run Fatboy Run trailers this latest movie is looking good . . . except . . . it's directed by David Schwimmer of Friends fame. I hope he's a better director than he is an actor. We'll find out later this month.

Uwe Boll's Postal

Uwe Boll speaking at PAXMarina emailed me this slashfilm article: Uwe Boll’s Genius Plan to Destroy Indiana Jones 4.

Mr. Boll's films aren't known for their box office success, but we After the Credits folk have developed a bit of an affection for his never say die attitude. And Postal actually looks like it could be fun. But releasing it against Indiana Jones!? Marina says, "There's no way he'll outsell Indy but he sure has balls." I'm thinking his only hope is becoming the cinematic equivalent of Eddie the Eagle. And it's working. Watching his gutsy move getting picked up at different blogs has been amazing. This dog can hunt.

The Spielberg vs. Boll smack down bloodbath is currently scheduled for May 2008.

Diablo "Madonna" Cody

Diablo CodySo some topless Diablo Cody pictures hit the net. Some folks assumed they're "leaked". In her blog post, VIVA TRASH!, Cody says, "Did you guys hear about the "nude" (except not really) pics I voluntarily posted on the Internet myself?".

While the current 20-something crop of young starlets gain attention and infamy from paparazzi documented nip slips and shirt skirt commando mishaps Cody seems to have taken a lesson from Madonna's play book. Or is that Mae West's? She's owning the publicity around her sexuality. What's unique is she's a writer, not an actor.

Wait, maybe Lindsay Lohan is learning how to manage publicity through sexuality, too. Some folks are making fun of her, but a tribute photo shoot seems a much better way to garner attention than stepping out of a car with no underwear.

Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin SmithJust found out what Kevin Smith’s current movie project is: Zack and Miri Make a Porno. This isn't breaking news, Smith has been blogging about it at his website: My Boring-Ass Life, I'm just late to the game.

He talks about the script in this blog post: Zack and Miri Make a Porno and if you Google the title you'll get a lot more stuff. Is this some wishful thinking at what is probably the official site?:

There's a picture and some tidbits up at SlashFilm: First Official Look: Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Nod to The Movie Blog.

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Jason Reitman photo by eugene
Uwe Boll photo by outtasns

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