Sleep and the Stolen Hour

Sleepy HeadIn spite of "springing ahead" and "losing" an hour of sleep, I'm really looking forward to daylight savings time (Yes, it comes our way this weekend). We're getting an extra hour of light in the evening - woo-who! But at a cost.

A research team is verifying what most everyone already knows (save, perhaps, some perky early mornly types): Losing that hour sucks. The team lead, a scientist named Roenneberg, is quoted in multiple articles: CTV: Daylight Saving Time upsets our body clocks and Biology News Net: Daylight savings time disrupts humans' natural circadian rhythm. His team must has a good press agent.

As a public service I offer up this article from Reader's Digest: Achieve a Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep - 24 ways to get the rest you need. You won't find me boiling lettuce any time soon, but I'm already down with the heavy curtains and the ear plugs. And although I already figured out it's hard to sleep with cold feet I'm not so sure about a hot water bottle and ski socks!

I've always valued more daylight in the evening than the morning so I have a different solution to this daylight savings thing. Let's never go off it!

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Maureen wrote 13 years 46 weeks ago

cold feet

A nice warm hot tub before bed always works for me.

dale wrote 13 years 46 weeks ago

Hot tubs are awesome!

There's nothing like a hot tub before bed to put a person fast asleep. One of the really nice fringe benefits of visiting you guys!

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