Doodle Pad Archive - April 2008

Art has a way of sneaking into unlikely places. Via, a really interesting read on nuclear missile launch facility blast door art: Blast-Door Art: Cave Paintings of the Nuclear Era An American Air Force major got a grant from the American Department of Defense to photograph missile bunker art! The article pontificates on reasons and circumstances and throws in some interesting historical tidbits. But the art speaks for itself. Even if you're not interested in the article there's a slide show with 12 more images.

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There were a number of online cartoons I checked out daily in my pre-RSS days. After moving to a RSS reader, they all dropped by the wayside. Hitting individual sites in a browser is just too tedious. Then I found xkcd, mostly because the bloggers I read kept referring to it. They have a RSS feed and I'm a daily reader.

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Just got home, more or less, from the two day Open Web Vancouver 2008 conference. I was an Organizer, and among other things took on organizing the recording of the conference. I have a picture of some of the media we recorded in a Group42 blog post: Pachyderms, PHP and Podcasts

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Have you ever bought something for the dream of what you could do with it but never followed through? I'm guilty. I'm thinking specifically of my first video camera and the Firewire non-linear editor card I bought so I could do real video production. I shot some video and took a course but never really went anywhere with it.

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