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There were a number of online cartoons I checked out daily in my pre-RSS days. After moving to a RSS reader, they all dropped by the wayside. Hitting individual sites in a browser is just too tedious. Then I found xkcd, mostly because the bloggers I read kept referring to it. They have a RSS feed and I'm a daily reader.

xkcd has a high tech geek factor, so it won't be for everyone. But occasionally, like yesterday and today, there's strips that anyone can appreciate.


xkcd comic: Over Qualified

Cheap GPS

xkcd comic: Cheap GPS


Marina wrote 13 years 34 weeks ago


Yeah...I'm a bit of a moron. I thought they were all one strip and I was trying to figure out why it was funny....

Still, I get the first one but I don't get the second. Yeah, I can be dense sometimes.

dale wrote 13 years 34 weeks ago

Added the titles

Heh, added the comic strip titles. The second one should make more sense, now.

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