Doodle Pad Archive - June 2008

What's the oldest appliance in your kitchen? Mine is this Sunbeam waffle maker. It's at least 40 years old, and quite possiblely older. One of my earliest memories is Dad making waffles on this bad boy. We lived in Surrey till I was 9, and it was a kind of golden age of waffle making in the McGladdery household. I don't remember a lot of use after we moved.

After posting pictures of my waffle iron plugged in there comes the inevitable question of: How good are the waffles?! I regret to say the tool exceeds the chef's ability to use it. In fairness, I've only tried maybe 10 times since I inherited it, and 2 of those times were last week. And although my waffles aren't great, they're better than some restaurant waffles I had!

One of big news items yesterday was a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine stating the coffee habit wasn't going to prematurely kill your average coffee drinker. Good news, to be sure. But how much can we trust the information? I've been long skeptical of news reports on medical studies. The information typically comes out of a press release from the study authors with no independent scrutiny, but you're almost never told this. If the topic is something I'm interested in, I like to do a little digging.

Tonight I'm going to a celebration of someone's life. A wake, really. One of the organizers is making a book of memories and asked for contributions. It seemed appropriate to post it here. I didn't know Ruthie very well. I wish I'd known her better. I wanted to, but somehow we never made that move from casual talk to simpatico conversation.

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Sunday was the annual charity screening of the movie Serenity [Wikipedia] and the After the Credits podcast crew (Colleen, Marina and Dale) were there: Wondering about my fancy chapeau? You'll find your answer here: Jayne Hats ... It's pretty cunning, don't 'cha think? A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.

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