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Here's an event budding podcasters might be interested in: What: Net Tuesday4 - Podcasting for Social Change When: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 5:30 PM! Where: WorkSpace 400, 21 Water St. Vancouver BC V6B 1A1 More: Meetup, Facebook Event Sponsors: Communicopia, Social Signal, and WorkSpace Topic: Ways Non-profits/Social Change orgs can use podcasts to spread their message

The Net Squared Vancouver Net Tuesday event, Podcasting for Social Change, was excellent. Dave Olson and the panel of John Bollwitt, Rob Cottingham and Roland Tanglao struck a great balance between information and humour. And while discussing the importance of story and caring for your content, they demonstrated it.

Had to return some video's this morning and being such a nice day I decided to make my evening walk a morning walk. On the way down to the video store there was a crowd of people on the street. Very unusual for Lonsdale Ave in the morning. Amazingly, they were still there 20 minutes later on the way back. What the heck? Scanning the street for a possible reason it suddenly became obvious: line up at the Rogers store for iPhones! Couldn't resist crossing the street for a picture.

Nearly every Friday for the last 3 years science fiction/fantasy fans have been meeting in North Vancouver to share their genre enthusiasm at BIFF, the Burrard Inlet Fan Fellowship (I've never been fond of the name but the acronym BIFF tickles my fancy). I've met many, many nice people and made some good friends, including my fellow After the Credit podcasters Marina and Colleen.

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When I looked off my balcony this morning I got excited, there was some sort of Edward Norton/Incredible Hulk promotion going on in sleepy North Van! Upon closer inspection the Symantec connection became obvious. Bummer. One wonders if this kind of marketing actually pays off.

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Joined my friends Sylvia and Grieg down from the Yukon to watch the Giro di Burnaby tonight. Although I don't know a whole lot about cycling I had an expert advisor. And we had someone to cheer for: Zach Bell. Zach came in second tonight, pretty cool. He came in third yesterday at the Tour de Gastown and is representing Canada at Beijing.

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The parental units are down from the Interior competing in the Chilliwack Buffalo Shoot. Buffalo shoot you say? It involves shooting black powder rifles and pistols, and throwing tomahawks and knifes. And not just on a range. There's a trail walk where you move from one target station to another. The target might be straw or moving metal silhouette. The 'Hawk & Knife involves more than just making the blade stick. A station might require a half or three-quarter rotation. And people wear period costumes.

Marina, Colleen, and I just published our 30th After the Credits podcast!: After the Credits Episode 30 - A Dark Rant. I suppose 25 is a more traditional milestone to mention but I missed it, so I'm going with the next multiple of 10! The first episode of After the Credits was posted on November 30, 2007.

A whole bunch of events you might be interested in: The Summer Dream Literary Arts Festival Saturday July 26, 2008 If you're a literary reader or lover of poetry this is a great event. I don't fall into either of these categories but enjoyed the performance poetry and story slams of past years. Quite a wide range of presentations, with some having a Hip Hop feel and others more traditional.

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