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For a very long time a portion of this site's content still existed on Digital Doodles - Mark 2. Mark 2? Digital Doodles - Mark 1 was a static website started sometime before May 2001. I maintained it by hand and later with Dreamweaver. The Digital Doodles - Mark 2 era began in July 2004 when the site graduated to scripted goodness in July 2004: Farewell Tedious Toil, Hello Automation!. Mark 2 lasted two years.

Just got back from watching the Canadian Film Center (CFC) World Wide Short Film Festival Best Shorts of 2008 tour with Marina (Confessions/Row 3) and Colleen (353 Review). These were notable short films, typically award winners, from the CFC Short Film Festival in Toronto this summer. Tonight I was in the mood for entertainment. Unfortunately, some of the winners on technical merits weren't especially entertaining. Fortunately, this was made up by the winners that were entertaining or otherwise a good watch.

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Looking to jazz up a picture without a photo editing package? Check out Dumpr (Bad name, fun website). It has a bunch of effects, free and account-holder only, you can use via your web browser. Here's a family picture I ran through their "Photo to sketch" effect. And there's a "Christmas Ornament" effect just in time for Christmas.

Those of you who visit the site in-person may have noticed a side-bar block listing episodes from After the Credits, a podcast I do with my movie buddies Marina (Confessions / Row 3) and Colleen (353 Review / Weird BC). After the Credits made it to the final round of the Best of 604!

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I was totally remise in yesterday's post: Vote for my Podcast!, completely missing another award After the Credits at Row Three is nominated for. On the nation stage, we've also up for "Best Podcaster/Vlogger" at the Canadian Blog Awards. You can vote for us here: Best Podcaster/Vlogger. We're under "Row Three".

Last Saturday's rainy weather provided the perfect backdrop for a group of Battlestar Galactica geeks, including yours truly, to try out the BSG board game. Spacepug played host, graciously volunteering her apartment. It goes without question the company was great, but how was the game? BSG the board game was fun once we got past the learning curve; but that learning curve is a bitch! None of us had played before and it took about an hour to make it through the first round. Once we got rolling the game became quite engaging.

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Lately I've begun receiving MS Word and Excel files in the new Office 2007 XML format. My (legal) copy of MS Office 2000, which otherwise serves me perfectly well, can not read these files. Enter the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. It converts the new file format into the older format so the document is readable by older versions of Office.

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Brett Gaylor, director of the documentary RiP: A remix manifesto, for After the Credits. I got to see RiP in a press screening and was impressed. It uses a musician named Girl Talk to shine a light on the issues around Copyright and culture.

Yesterday there were snow warnings in the weather report. This was as bad it got in my neighbourhood. By noon it was just wet and it hasn't changed. Just as well in my books. Snow belongs on the mountains.

Rebecca Bollwitt MC's Best of 604 Awards Photo by penmachine The entire After the Credits crew (yes, all three of us!) were out in force at the Best of 604 awards last night. Congratulations to all the winners! It's clear from the turnout Vancouver has a vibrant and engaged blogging community.

Last night was the Christmas gift exchange at BIFF. I don't go as often as I used to, so was happy I could make it yesterday. It's been a while seen I've seen many of the gang. We laughed a lot exchanging gifts with the "unwrap a new pressie or steal someone elses" method.

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Back on December 12th I posted: First Winter Snow 2008 - M'eh. It was looking like a standard Vancouver winter until a couple of days later. Thanks to the cold air flowing down from the artic it started snowing and hasn't melted away. Here's a picture I took a day or two after the second snowfall.

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Photo by tyfnIn all this snow my car stubbed its toe, which is to say I slid into a curb going down a side street hill. Sometimes going slow with winter tires isn't enough. Though I wish it hadn't happened I'm never-the-less happy it wasn't worse. I could have slid into another car or, God forbid, a person (though the latter was unlikely on a back street during a snow storm at 11:30pm). Getting this aftermath cleared up turned into a minor saga and resulted in my "going Greyhound" for the annual Vernon Christmas trek.

I'm back from the family Christmas in Vernon and yes Virginia, I've been a lazy blogger. While it's still 2008 and arguably still the holiday season I'm going to sneak some posts under the wire. The weather was all over the place, from socked-in, overcast, snowy grey days, to the kind of brilliant sunny days that makes winter pretty (though still a pain in the butt):

Seen on a street in Vernon, my nomination for the best snow fort ev'ah!

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Traveling any distance in the winter, especially during the holidays, is seldom worry or hassle free. In spite of this, I become part of the thronging masses that join their family for Christmas. In no particular order, here are some of my reasons. My sister makes a great cappuccino There's a love of espresso in 2 of the 3 sibs, as well as my sister's husband (who also makes a good cappuccino). Getting a cappuccino in the morning might seem like a small thing, but it provides great pleasure.

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