Root Beer Schnapps?!

Happy Canada Day! This post has nothing to do with Canada's birthday unless you count the lumber jack in the picture as a reference to those pioneering foresters who helped build our country.

A while ago podcasting buddy Marina and I were out for a bite to eat and I spotted this display in the liquor store window next to the restaurant.

Root Beer and Butter Ripple Schnapps

Root Beer and Butter Ripple Schnapps! And "naturally flavoured" to boot. It was so wrong I had to get a picture and share.

Perhaps the Jagerminz S'mores schnapps featured in the South Park episode The Red Badge of Gayness1 isn't so far from reality as I thought!

[1] To win a bet Cartman leads the townsfolk, who are drunk on s'mores schnapps after reenacting the American civil war, in a new civil war where the South wins.


Yvonne wrote 11 years 49 weeks ago

Butter Ripple

I hear Butter Ripple Liqeor good with fresh pressed hot cider.

dale wrote 11 years 49 weeks ago

Liquor Candy Apple?

Hmm, judging from the French, it's caramel liquor, so it would sort of be like an alcoholic candy apple cocktail?

Lisa wrote 10 years 36 weeks ago

I love butter ripple

I love butter ripple schnapps. I use it in my caramel apple martinis and apple pie cocktail! mmm

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