Failure to Think Fast Enough in the First Degree

Yesterday morning I had a particularly bad case of post waking cognitive latency, which was partially cured when I opened my living room curtains and saw this:

Crime Scene Unit Van

In a classic race between the tortoise and the snail, two thoughts exploded off the starter blocks of my mind like a word spoken through a long yawn: 1) Crime scene investigation, wonder what happened? 2) Something isn't right here?

Van LogoThen my poor, impaired powers of observation started to work as if I were actually awake, not somnambulistic. Lower mainland police services don't use black vehicles, we have names like "Integrated Crime Investigation Unit" not "Metro Division", and that logo doesn't look right. Either a film crew was in the area or someone got to borrow a prop.

I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and had the presence of mind to snap a picture. If you recognize the van from a movie or TV show, let me know. I'm curious.


Marina wrote 12 years 15 weeks ago

I don't recall that exact van

I don't recall that exact van but I have an inkling that it may be from Fringe. It's the only thing that comes to mind that's filming in town and could use a prop like that one.

dale wrote 12 years 15 weeks ago

Loosely based on LA?

I did a bit of poking around and it seems loosely based on Los Angeles.

LA has a Metro Division (Wikipedia: LAPD Metropolitan Division) and was founded in 1781. The logo on the van's door looks like it was inspired by the Los Angeles city seal: Wikipedia: Seal of City of Los Angeles.

dale wrote 12 years 15 weeks ago

More info via @Rebecca_Bourque

The power of the lazy web demonstrated! I tweeted my query and @raincoaster was kind enough to pass it along in a re-tweet. Twitter user @Rebecca_Bourque sheds some light on the situation:

@Rebecca_Bourque Avatar@raincoaster ha! Do you live near Main? My client used that van to move into her new place last week! It's been in lots of local shows.
about 17 hours ago from web in reply to raincoaster

@Raincoaster Avatar@Rebecca_Bourque It's actually @Dale42's shot. He lives in North Van
about 17 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to Rebecca_Bourque

@Rebecca_Bourque Avatar@raincoaster the owner of the van lives in North Van - it's kickin' around there a lot I'm sure :)
about 9 hours ago from web in reply to raincoaster

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