Unseen Lanterns - Illuminares 2009

Walking at night in a totally dark city park isn't usually a comfortable experience, unless it's John Hendry Park (Trout Lake @ Victoria Drive) during Illuminares. The Illuminares Lantern Procession by the Public Dreams Society is one of the coolest events in metro Vancouver (there's many pictures on Flickr that prove the point: Flickr Search: Illuminares). Not only is there a procession of creativity, imagination and ingenuity in the form of amazing glowing objects there's dancers, swords fighters, wish fairies, stilt walkers, and other manner performers.

This year a bunch of Science Fiction/Fantasy groups banded together for Illuminares.

Sci-Fi Group at Illuminares 2009
Photo by Marina Antunes

Sadly, the skies opened up and we scattered. The trees provided some cover, but it was quite a downpour for a while.

Sci-Fi Group at Illuminares 2009

Sci-Fi Group at Illuminares 2009

Yours truly, and many others, retreated to a night of indoor activities.

There was no event last year, making the rain doubly disappointing. Triply so because this was in the only rain for an entire week before, and if the forecast holds true, after. I see from Flickr Photos — Search: Illuminares 2009 — that some hardy souls stuck it out!

Marina also posted on The Illuminares Adventure, and was even was quoted in a newspaper piece on Illuminares in The Vancouver Courier: Let there be light.

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