BIFFmas Gift Exchange 2009

Table of GiftsThe Christmas season is upon us. Although the commercial trappings hit the stores before the Halloween ghouls finished their hauntings, I've managed to avoid the claptrap. It isn't that I'm anti-Christmas, I'm just anti-soul sucking, brainwashing, buy, buy, buy commercial bullshit.

Tonight was the first true event of the season for me, the BIFF gift exchange. Just a bunch of Science Fiction/Fantasy fans enjoying dinner, geeking out on their favourite subjects, and exchanging inexpensive gifts in a cut-throat (but fun) kind of way! The gift exchange was the kind where you can "steal" someone else's gift.

I almost had a Star Trek Rubics cube key chain, which I stole. Unfortunately, I lost it another round and wound up with an Underdog DVD, which I also stole. Not sure what I was thinking, there.

Here's some pictures from the event:

Deciding is hard
Deciding is hard!

Nothing to steal, pick a gift

Fantastic 4 punching bag, perfect for the kids!

To all of you — especially those caught in shopping hell — I wish equally nice experiences to offset the insanity of the season.

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