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Today was eye examination day. My chin had a lot of fun, it made friends with four different chin rests. My eyes weren't as impressed with all of its new machine friends; specifically, the one that shot compressed air. Then there's the infamous eye dilation drops so the Doctor can get a good look at the back of your eyes.

Generally speaking I'm not the luckiest guy in the world, but I have my moments. Last Thursday was one of them! Esteemed Vancouver blogger Miss604 in conjunction with the Vancouver Film School (VFS) ran a contest: Oscar-Nominated District 9 Prize Pack and yes, yours truly won! Winning contests is cool all by itself.

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When you say the words: Comic books, science fiction, and road trip in a sentence you have my attention! The 8th annual Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) was last week. I joined a couple friends for a weekend in Seattle to get my geek on at my first ever comicon. My interest in comics isn't big enough by itself to draw me south of the border. However, ECCC has a SciFi/Fantasy pop culture element which included talks by Leonard Nimoy and Wil Wheaton, both people I'd like to hear, and some interesting panels. I was in. Would I regret it?

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If I said I'd encountered pink elephants and cocks in neon last weekend, what would you think? You'd be wrong! The Seattle Space Needle is one of the most iconic features in downtown Seattle, but in my personal canon the neon pink elephant of the Elephant Car Wash, ugly though it may be, is just as significant.

It's gold when you find someone that is good at the thing they do, good at explaining the thing they do, and good at entertaining you when they're explaining the thing they do. Last Thursday I found gold in Dylan Brown, Creative Director of Pixar Canada, at his talk for the Emily Carr's Presidents' Lecture Series: Pixar's Film Making Process - with an emphasis on the application of traditional fine art skills in the digital realm.

When I was a kid and first heard about vegetarians it didn't make sense. I couldn't imagine life without meat. It's one of those ironies of life that I'm now moving towards a vegetarian diet. In my pre-adult world vegetables were a distraction from the main event. The only vegetables I remember liking were picked straight from the garden and eaten raw.

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