Doodle Pad Archive - April 2010

If you're travelling in BC, especially when there's a risk of snow, there are a couple of websites you'll be glad to know about! The BC Ministry of Transportation runs the website: It isn't immediately apparent from the home page, but there's a lot of good information contained within. Click on Related Links and you'll see It contains, among many things, webcam pictures from highway traffic cameras, info on construction delays, and estimated border wait times. And everything has a unique URL so you can bookmark pages of interest.

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Three times a year the Vancouver Public Library has a book sale to clear out books they no longer want: Last week was the spring 2010 sale and some of us bookcrossing types made the trek downtown in search of the elusive bar-goon. The book sale is like a one vendor flee market for books!

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It's ironic that reading is a highly solitary activity because if you're like me you love talking about a book after you've finished it! There are few better conversations than comparing story notes with someone who loved a book as much as I did, and the opportunity doesn't come up as often as it should. Fortunately, Vancouver's Lower Mainland Bookcrossing Meetup Group is dedicated to exactly this activity with an added bonus: You can get new books to read and give away books you don't want to keep!

We live in a world surrounded by talent we seldom get a chance to appreciate. On Friday a chance presented itself, though I didn't know it at the time. The first year ("Foundation Year") students at Emily Carr celebrate completion of their first year with an exhibition of projects they've created in their classes. My friend Seth is one of those students. Though I went to celebrate his completion of first year and check out the work he has in the show, I found much more to enjoy.

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