Doodle Pad Archive - May 2010

What is it about the human brain that likes solving puzzles for fun? Those little or not so little mysteries we can't leave alone. And the diversity! From computer games to jigsaw puzzles to sudoku to detective stories, there's a puzzle for everyone. Although computer games have long been my puzzle of choice there's a classic brain teaser challenging my grey matter: the crossword puzzle.

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The human brain really sucks at measuring things without some sort of device. Unless you're Rain Man or practice, you're probably you're probably not going to be accurate, especially measuring over time. A simple test. How much money have you spent this week? How many cups of coffee, juice, tea, water or pop have you drank today? How many times have you used the washroom? How many steps have you walked?

On Saturday my friend Seth and I went bone hunting. Our goal was specific, we were stalking the largest creature on earth: the blue whale. Being an endangered species and aquatic there aren't a lot of blue whale bones to be found. In Vancouver we not only have bones, we have an entire skeleton!

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