Doodle Pad Archive - June 2010

We mark the passage of time in many ways. There are the regular measures of time, the months and the years. Then there are the "milestone" events, the birthdays, the graduations, and the marriages, our own, our friends and our relatives. Today was a milestone for my nephew Eric, and as such a milestone for my entire family. Though it doesn't seem that long ago I was buying him toys for Christmas, today I'm giving him a gift on his wedding day.

So a number of weeks ago my friend Spacepug and I had just completed a writing session. We regularly meet at a local cafe to spur our writing on. On our way out of the cafe we encountered an overly enthusiastic-friendly-attractive-summer-student-athletic type from the local Recreation Commision handing out pamphlets. I almost turned it down, instinctual reaction, but fortunately I took a closer look before walking away. It turned out to be a guide, and much to my surprise, it looked useful!

I love cheese, and I know I'm not alone. My favourite is a really strong cheddar, with some of the Italian cheeses like asiago and parmigiano reggiano a close second. When I heard about a restaurant that served grilled cheese sandwiches, and only grilled cheese sandwiches, I knew I'd have to try it one day. Today was that day!

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Through a fortunate chain of events I heard about this weekend's Pacific Rim Kite Festival at Vanier Park in Vancouver. If kite flying brings to mind diamond shaped objects sedately hanging in the air you need to check one of these out. The creative spirit is alive and well in kite technology, and there are precision acrobatic kites you have to see to believe. I especially love watching the acrobatic kites perform. My Saturday morning was actually free so I checked out the festival with some friends.

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This week North Vancouver was face-to-face with Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa. Well, one of her frigates and a supply ship. The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) ships Te Kaha and Endeavour stopped over in North Vancouver after participating in the Royal Canadian Navy International Fleet Review held in Victoria, it was part of the Canadian Navy's centennial celebration.

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