VSteam's One-Day Steampunk Mini-Con

VSteam Mini-Con PosterLast Saturday VSteam, Vancouver's Steampunk group, held a one day Steampunk Mini-Convention. What's steampunk? Wikipedia has as good a description as any: Wikpedia on Steampunk.

Organizing an event is a lot of work and VSteam gets high marks for the location and over-all organization. Picking Barclay Manor in Vancouver's West End was brilliant. While not Victorian the manor house and grounds gave the event a natural ambiance. The people in costume simply belonged there.

The most happening aspect of the mini-con while I attended was the vendor area. There was interesting stuff on display and since everyone was wandering through it was essentially a promenade for the costumes. There's a large grass area — not sure if you'd call it a small field or a large lawn — next to Barclay Manor. At various times there was a game of croquette, sabre fighting, fisticuffs, and, as I was leaving, a band was setting up.

Arcana Vendor Table
Arcana Vendor Table

The mini-convention did less well on presentations. Though they had rooms for presentations there weren't a lot of sessions scheduled. Given they didn't issue a call for sessions, they did well with what they had. Still, for us introverts, conference sessions are a great way to find out more about the community and meet people. Sadly, there didn't seem any other opportunities for new folks to engage with the existing community.

The VSteam Mini-Con was a pleasant way to start my Saturday. There were great costumes and great energy. Kudos to the organizers. People have posted some pictures on the Facebook wall. Hopefully VSteam will have photos up on their website fairly soon.

Facebook Group: VSteam: The Steampunks of Vancouver


Leeny wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

I just finished looking

I just finished looking through a lot of the facebook images, and I really don't get it. I love the idea of Steam Punk, but the costuming seemed to have stopped at wear black or brown, men wear slacks and a vest with white shirt, women look like loathsome tarts and wear your corset on the outside of your dress. Oh and always the goggles. If you have goggles you must be steam punk...ack.

Not one female looked like they made an honest attempt at victorian anything. ack.

dale wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

As I've been discovering,

As I've been discovering, Steam Punk means different things to different people. And it seems to be a collision of Science Fiction/Fantasy, Goth refugees, and Fetish costumers. I don't think any of them are interested in historically accurate. :-) Given it's all kind of made up, I'm not sure you can even apply the term historically accurate.

It's too bad there weren't sessions. It would be kick-ass to have someone with your background do one of Victorian clothing.

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