Hello Chicago

Yesterday I arrived in Chicago and met up with a friend who came down from Wisconsin. Ultimately I'm headed to DrupalCon but I came down a day early to visit and see a bit of Chicago. 

Downtown Chicago

Today we headed out to explore and I got to see Chicago and the surrounding area in the light. It's so flat here! We didn't get a chance to do a lot of exploring but did drive around a little and make it over to the Field Museum.

Almost all of the shore front I saw is public space. I wish the weather was a bit nicer, it would have been fun to walk or rent a bike. There are a lot of wonderful old brick buildings. Not sure what they'd be like to live in but they look nice. While Chicago itself is nice the surround area is suburban drab.

Even though I've only scratched the surface, so far I'm liking Chicago.

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