Sabbatical 2017: Deja vu all over again

Happy minionMy job ended Easter Friday. I was laid-off. Or as the British say, made redundant. Made redundant is so much more evocative. Regardless of what you call it ...

I'm happy!

This is my fourth layoff. Three of the four layoffs -- including this one -- have been welcome. In each case I was ready for a change. Fortunately I was also debt free, qualified for EI, and had money in the bank. There were bad times as well as good between the jobs, but each layoff resulted in my life improving. And ironically the unwelcome layoff turned out too short in the end, I was recalled but wasn't ready to go back!

So here I am with a new opportunity to focus on me. And I have plans! They include improving my technical skill-set in areas I feel are weak, doing “The Purge 2017” to clean the detritus of 20 years living in one place, and hopefully taking a trip. I began calling this time: Hiatus 2017, but friends kept referring to it as my sabbatical. I'll go with the flow, Sabbatical 2017 it is.

I'm also planning on writing an hour each day. Writing helps me clarify thoughts, gives me an excuse to explore, and connects me with the world in a strange, message-in-a-bottle kind of way. And technical writing at my other site,, helps me to better understand the topic at hand.

Thus, this post. The first in 2 1/2 years I see. If all goes to plan it won't be the last.

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Roland wrote 4 years 30 weeks ago

i suggest writing for 15 minutes a day every day

even if you don't post it!
i'm not a morning person but i suggest sometime in the morning!

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