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1st Haney Fund Raiser

Fund raising swagTime has zoomed this week, so forgive me for blogging about last weekend on a Thursday!

Had a great time at a fundraiser for the 1stst Haney Scout Group. The closest I've been personally involved with scouting was as a Cub and I remember it fondly; even still have all my badges around, somewhere. The invite came from a friend with kid's in scouting. The event was spearheaded by his wife, and boy did she organize a doozy. For $15 you got dinner, a drink, and a 2-to-1 chance at winning a door prize. There was also a silent auction and loonie/twoonie tosses for booze (No kids at this event and strangely, the adults were enjoying themselves....)

I came away with a set of binoculars from the silent auction and as my bad luck would have it had my door prize ticket number was called when I was in the bathroom. However, some folks left early and left their door prize tickets. My table-mate won two prizes and took pity on me with a set of beer glasses. Thanks, Louise!

Not sure how much got raised in the end. I seem to recall someone saying over $1000 on the silent auction alone, but don't quote me on that. Good cause, good time, good result. Perfect event trifecta!

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