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Real Genius Laser Gun Ship

Real Genius LaserBack in 1985 a movie named Real Genius ( was released. It's a fun little coming of age teen revenge comedy involving boys and lasers; kind of a Animal House goes to MIT. And although there was no Internet back then, Rotten Tomatoes rates it 74% fresh.

In the story the students don't realize the laser system they're developing is destined for use by the Air Force in an aerial laser gunship. Although the movie was totally fictional it did capture a certain reality of what a real laser of the day looked like, which is distinctly not like you've seen it in any sci-fi movie.

I thought of Real Genius today when I read this piece, Laser Gunship Revealed, at The movie's conceptualized laser gunship from 22 years ago almost exactly matches this description.

The work here isn't as prescient as some movies have been. Putting a laser on an airplane is a pretty natural thought. What I find cool is the movie's writers and director took a bit to time to make it real instead of pulling it out of their ass!

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