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Video Dale

Video DaleHave you ever bought something for the dream of what you could do with it but never followed through? I'm guilty. I'm thinking specifically of my first video camera and the Firewire non-linear editor card I bought so I could do real video production. I shot some video and took a course but never really went anywhere with it.

Happily my second video camera is getting some real use and I have the photo and video stream to prove it! Tonight's Vancouver League of Drupallers was streamed live thanks to my camera and microphones and Roland's UStream TV prowess. We had some issues with electrical noise but got things worked out. It was a good technology night! Not perfect, but our game is improving.

Or maybe I'm in a good mood because of the Guinness at the Irish Heather afterwards . . .

And if you're interested in a really great presentation on email newsletters, take the time to watch Boxcar Marketing's Monique Trottier give some awesome advice on email newsletters. Skip over the part when I say um way too much. The player is a bit weird, click the spiral button thing (Spiral Button) to start.

Monique Trottier on Email Newsletters

Photo by roland

My Recording Habit

MicrophoneAudio recording and videography are both things I've been interested in for a very long time. In my last year of high school I became involved with the local Cable Vision community channel and loved it. I wish there had been a way of keeping it up, but moving away after graduation kiboshed that. After a number of false starts along the way, this year marks the successful continuous production of actual audio content with the Mad Film Gab podcast! So far I haven't produced any content for Digital Doodles but I'm hoping to change that.

For those of you interested in audio/video production, I'm starting to post entries at my Group 42 site ( For example, at Group 42 I've just posted my early experiences with my new audio recorder: Zoom H2 audio recorder. Group 42 is becoming my "left brain" site for all things technical, while Digital Doodles is loosing its technical content and keeping the creative stuff to become more "right brain" (and to some extent struggling with what it wants to be, which is a typically creative thing to do, don't you think?).

As before, I'll continue to post pointers to content I've produced for other sites or flag stuff on Group 42 that might be of interest here. And for those of you who visit the site directly without benefit of RSS, check out the right side bar for a box showing Group 42 content, just in case something interesting pops up!

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