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Snow, JavaScript, and BCIT

Snowy North Vancouver street - the morning after the snowfall before Today I had to venture forth for an all day class at BCIT. JavaScript, in case you're curious. Ironically enough, this class had been originally scheduled for October but had been pushed back not once, but twice. The snow furies undoubtedly smacked their lips as they watched this event wandering down the calendar into their temporal neighbourhood, low hanging fruit for a little transportational mischief.

Looking off the balcony this morning it didn't look too bad for a day after the snowfall before. The weather report called for more snow, but had it turning to rain later in the day. The snow came on time, but wasn't turning to rain quickly enough for the instructor. Seems Maple Ridge was getting nailed somewhat harder than this side of the Fraser river. At least, that's what his wife was telling him.

Yours truly wasn't that worried. The nice thing about computing classes at BCIT is internet access. Checking the Ministry of Highway traffic cameras I could see the snow wasn't sticking to the road. And unlike some other years, I have really good all season tires on the ride. Unfortunately, the instructor wasn't so sanguine. A 10 minute lunch, abbreviated labs, and conversion of the final exam from in-class to take home resulted in an early day.

I had my camera with me, so I took the opportunity to wander around and take some pictures (click the thumbnail for a larger version).

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