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BIFFmas Gift Exchange 2009

Table of GiftsThe Christmas season is upon us. Although the commercial trappings hit the stores before the Halloween ghouls finished their hauntings, I've managed to avoid the claptrap. It isn't that I'm anti-Christmas, I'm just anti-soul sucking, brainwashing, buy, buy, buy commercial bullshit.

Tonight was the first true event of the season for me, the BIFF gift exchange. Just a bunch of Science Fiction/Fantasy fans enjoying dinner, geeking out on their favourite subjects, and exchanging inexpensive gifts in a cut-throat (but fun) kind of way! The gift exchange was the kind where you can "steal" someone else's gift.

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Merry BIFFmas 2008

Last night was the Christmas gift exchange at BIFF. I don't go as often as I used to, so was happy I could make it yesterday. It's been a while seen I've seen many of the gang. We laughed a lot exchanging gifts with the "unwrap a new pressie or steal someone elses" method.

Here we are at the end of the evening when the smoke cleared and the last gift was stolen, er, unwrapped. And no, although there were plenty of offers of adoption, baby Inara wasn't one of the gifts exchanged. Her parents obtained her the usual way.

BIFF Christmas Gift Exchange 2008

I wound up with a new set of D&D dice. I originally went for (stole) the Serenity book, but it was stolen away (back) late in the exchange. My current D20 is quite fickle and has rolled low a few too many times, and there was Spacepug with a shiny new set of dice. After test rolling them a couple times - test driving gifts, what a concept - stealing them seemed like the right thing to do. They feel like winners!

BIFF Turns 3

Nearly every Friday for the last 3 years science fiction/fantasy fans have been meeting in North Vancouver to share their genre enthusiasm at BIFF, the Burrard Inlet Fan Fellowship (I've never been fond of the name but the acronym BIFF tickles my fancy). I've met many, many nice people and made some good friends, including my fellow After the Credit podcasters Marina and Colleen.

BIFF had its 3rd anniversary last Friday. Happy Birthday BIFF!!!

BIFF Birthday Cake

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do on a Friday night, check it out:

DIY Monster Attack!

Every Friday a group named BIFF gets together at a North Vancouver restaurant to enjoy each other's company and some aspect of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, or anime, or to simply talk. You'll find me there most Friday nights. This week the monster god father, Stan Hyde, talked about modeling, monsters and the Monster Attack Team - Canada.

Stan is a big monster movie fan (and a Godzilla expert). This interest in the movies extends to building models, and they're amazing in their detail. Stan gave us an overview of modeling and the Monster Attack Team. In addition to his modeling skills, he's a great story teller. A great evening all round.

Here's some photo's. If you find them interesting, Stan has a lot more here:


Stan Hyde presenting at BIFF

Thar Be Monsters!

Monster Table 1
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

Monster Table 2
Large Version

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